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Escape from the Twin Cities

In Pre-Apocalypse on October 31, 2008 at 9:15 am
Your New Home Town

Your New Hometown: Baudette

If you’re in the city when it all hits the fan, you’re in trouble. Cities are most dangerous places to be before, during or after an apocalypse. I understand most of you nerds out there are living in the city and will be looking for a way to get the hell out. I can help. Just send me your location and some details (vehicle, family, etc.) and we’ll figure out an escape plan for you. First up is my hometown: Escape from the Twin Cities.

The good thing about the Twin Cities is that it’s the 20th biggest metro area.  Baltimore and Fort Worth Texas are more likely to get attacked.  Also, if someone did want to bomb us, they’d pick the Minneapolis side and they can all go to hell anyway. However, it’s best to be on the safe side so you better have an escape plan and a final destination.

Whether it be a sudden or gradual disaster that sends you running for the hills. Your goal should be to head north. There may be nice farm land south of you,  but you should also try to head to where you think there will be the least amount of people. People at this time will be desperate, sick and unruly. Leave southern Minnesota to the refugees from Des Moines and St. Louis…. (continued)

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