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Equipment Checklist

Here, for your convenience, we have assembled a checklist of all the equipment we recommend having on hand, just in case today is the day. We will add to it as we add articles. Each item on the list has a number associated with it (1 through 5). If the item is a 1, it is either not that critical, or only useful in unlikely apocalypse scenarios. However if an item is a 5, having it on hand will be the difference between life and death.

Of course, this is not just a simple check list one can blindly follow, each item requires careful consideration. For example if you’re in Mexico, a brimmed hat would be on your list, rather than a winter hat. To help, each item has links to our articles related to it. Furthermore, this list is geared more towards the apocalyptic wanderer who needs to travel light with only the essentials.

  • Clothing

    • Wool Socks (5)
    • Dust Mask (5)
    • Rain Coat (5)
    • Long Underwear (5) [Get Some Long Johns]
    • Down Coat (5)
    • Goggles (4)
    • Extra socks (4)
    • Mittens/Gloves (4) [Army Issue Mittens ]
    • Russian Bomber Hat (3)
    • Gas Mask (Necessity depends on calamity)
  • Rations

    • Dried food for emergencies (5)
    • Iodine Tablets (4)
    • Pump Water Purifier (5)
  • Tools/Weapons for the Apocalyptic Wanderer

    • Gun (5) [Get a Gun]
    • Fire Starters – Matches, Magnifying Glass, Magnesium, Flint and Steel (5)
    • Phillips and Standard screwdriver (5)
    • Adjustable Wrench (5)
    • Compass (5)
    • 2 – 3 gallon cooking pot
    • First Aid Kit (5)
    • Book of Edible Plant Life (4)
    • Map (5)
    • Collapsable Saw (4)
    • Crowbar (4)
    • Hunting Knife (4)
    • Crank Flashlight (3)
    • Can-opener (3)
    • Caribiner (2)
    • Needle and Thread (3)
    • Binoculars (2)
    • Leatherman (2)
    • Fishing Line and Hooks (2)
    • Small Radio (2)
    • Wool Blanket (3)
    • Boot Laces (4)
    • Harmonica (2)
    • Canteen for Water (5)
    • Canteen for Fuel (5)
    • Tarp (3)

If you see something important missing from the list, please let us know.

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  2. A Phillips screwdriver would be of some use for American stuff I suppose, but my kit will have a Robertson one in Canada. For our climate, wool and a reflective blankets would be in there too. And I’d rather have a whistle than a harmonica… Why no compass? And a mirror?

  3. A good Leatherman (Wave or Charge) has the screwdrivers, a saw, two knife blades, and a can opener (plus much, much more). Buy two (stash one, carry one) and never, never leave home without it – should be a 5. Also, find at least 8 grams of USP Resublimated Iodine Crystals. Very economical and easy to use. Will treat up to 5000 quarts of nasty water to hold in that canteen – should also be a 5.

  4. […] Let’s face it, You’re not ready|Equipment Check List| […]

  5. How about water proof shoes?

  6. Swedish Firesteel for starting fires, and Lensatic Compass and directions for use of it. White amaranth seeds for planting
    one of the few plants that is a complete protein, golden giant
    makes about a pound of seed per plant,leaves are edible too.

    Fishing line, hooks, bobbers, shake or crank LED flashlight,
    waterproof insulated boots for winter, 28 ga. galvinized steel
    snare wire for making snares, knife sharpener, rose germanium
    or oil of penny royal for natural tick repellent, plans to make
    an Astrolabe to tell day, month, year, and time by the sun and stars, an edible plant list for your region

  7. You are missing some things and I am sure I will come up with more for you but right now it id 5:30 am for me so I am a little foggy. A signal device like a mirror or polished metal. a back Pack. A tarp to keep dry. A good pair of heavy boots. binoculars or a good scope. Friends that you trust with your life for company (so you do not go stir crazy) and to share the work load. Fishing line and hooks. Perhaps tin cans to set up a perimeter alarm at base camp.

    Have all this planed out in advance including several meeting places and places to go to depending on the danger zones.

    Yes I WILL survive.


  8. Oh yeah a magnifying glass. A book of edible plant life.


  9. Oh and the flash light should not be the shakable kind they are a bit fragile you should get a crank capacitor light and a crank capacitor radio.


  10. That Swedish Firesteel looks like it will make some hot sparks.
    I always carry a magnesium fire starter.
    It is a block of magnesium with a flint bar along one edge.
    Use your knife to scrape off an American quarter sized pile of shavings then hit it with a spark.
    Talk about easy and dependable fire starting!!!
    It doesn’t just make sparks. It makes a fire.

  11. 1 oz. bottle with USP resublimated iodine for treating thousands of gallons of water, method is a little tricky, it canbe fnd here:

  12. needles, thread and yarn of all sorts would come in mighty handy. Patches. A spindle for after all the yarn stores have been looted.

  13. If you have a gun you’re going to need a cleaning kit for it, plus extra patches and oil. Springs and small parts break, so get extras. And a small file to sharpen the saw. Make a trip to Mexico to stock up on Cipro — will probably be good for trading even if you don’t need it yourself.

    And join a church or a gang or something:

  14. A firestarter of any sort, firesteel, magnesium, old fashioned flint and steel, matches (in waterproof seal/plastic bag), magnifying glass for daytime fires

  15. Some of these rankings, when compared to others, do not make sense. First, Harmonica = 2, but Gas Mask = 1. Lets be serious, you’re not going to be so bored you want to listen to a harmonica. You’ll probably be spending too much time either killing zombies or hunting/gathering. Besides, pandemic disease is sufficiently likely to necessitate a gas mask as a 3-4 range item. Second, first aid kit. You don’t think its that important because every time you’ve ever gotten sick you’ve probably never had to worry about it. Just wait until you cut your finger and it gets infected and you have nothing to treat it with. You lose the finger, maybe the hand. Then try using any of the category 5 items with just your non-dominant hand. Not easy. Although this list could go on, I’ll finish with this. CROWBAR. Seriously, this is a tool and a weapon. You will not get far without this. Need to break in somewhere? Use a crowbar. Quick, there’s something behind you! Use a crowbar. Crowbar – post-apocalyptic necessity.

  16. I want to preface this post with the following: I am a gun owner and I in no way disparage the practice of gun ownership. However, in an apocalyptic situation having a gun might not be as important as it is made out to be. Guns are relatively complicated machines that require maintenance and input (ammo) that become depleted over time. Thus, I suggest investing some time and money into a bow and sword. I know, I know, sounds ridiculous. Who do I think I am, the sick lovechild of Robin Hood and a Ninja Turtle!? Sadly not. Bows can be very useful because they are silent and their ammunition can be made from flint, wood, and feathers if necessary. Swords are good for close combat and do not need reloading. Remember, guns are only useful while the ammo lasts and unless you have a .762mm hollow point factory a rifle is only so useful.

  17. N.A.T.O standard rifle and you can use a rifle for more things than a handgun (its kinda hard to bring down an Elk with a 9mm pistol) and 5.56/.223 or 7.62×51/.308 is alot more common than the other rifle calibers out there. If you ever need more in a bad situation there are plenty of places to find it if you use your imagination.

  18. You need food, preferably something that is light and stores a long time, possibly MREs or dehydrated food. Plastic sheeting and 550 cord are very important. Rain clothes are very important both for wind, rain, cold, etc. Insect repellant and sunscreen are super important if you’re outside or planning to be. A crank radio is very important for information and news, particularly if you’re “bugging in.”

  19. “Plastic sheeting and 550 cord are very important” I would agree with this, not only can you make shelter, you can also tie it over a bush to get water if it is scarce, and water gained from plants by evaporation does not need treating.

  20. I’m surprised that any form of rope did not make it onto your list until Roach brought it up, and perhaps when your finger is rotting a book on medicinal herbs(as well as some knowledge of simple medical techniques) would be useful also edible plants, and insect and animals(thanx Ex_MislTech)locally and abroad,unless of coarse the apocalypse left your area completely livable, you might be relocating your place of habitation. Also if you are on the move how much weight do you suppose you can lug across however far on limited food supplies with a back pack that you used in high school get a good 60-80 litre pack and learn how to pack it properly, as you may have a car for the first while till fuel becomes low, are electricity scarce, solar and wind powered vehicles only travel so far and recharge so fast that for the moment will not be of much practical use. Its only so long till that vehicle needs repairing your going to need spare parts tools and mechanical knowledge, and as good as that all is, when the road or bridge is washed out by floods, or avalanches, or mud slides or whatever its going to come down to you walking. Especial if where talking long term apocalypse (and I assume we are) how long are our unmaintained and unused roads and bridges (kind of important) going to last, not long, your gonna be walking sooner or later.
    I hope your not apposed to killing, gutting, skinning and cooking animals as well.

  21. I’m not sure if this was mentioned or not, but I would like to add a whetstone, and instead of a sword, a machete would be very practical and be supported by said whetstone. A dull blade is near as useless as a gun without ammo.

    A book on guerilla warfare and their traps would also be usefull in case the government inacts marshall law.

  22. Oh and as for the canteen of gasoline, doesn’t gas become useless after a little while anyway? It thickens I believe.

  23. yea, I’ve been researching way to survive in even the most extreme case scenarios, and even in everyday cases, i found that a multi-tool is always a good thing to have… o and recreational drugs can also help with boredom and depression….

  24. Dude you totally left off the need for pens and paper and stuff… And why the hell do you need 5 guns, like all the same ones or rifles and shotguns and pistols, I mean you need to specify this stuff dude

  25. Some rope (paracord), a sharpening stone, a p-38 can opener, an enameled cooking pan for cooking on open fire, the military survival handbook, rubber tubing (surgical tubing) and REPLACEMENT BOOT LACES!

  26. A hiking backpack will be good. you need something that can hold a lot of stuff comfertly, and keep your hands free. also, it needs to be strong and last a lot of years. Another thing you will need is needle and thread. you can keep clothes way longer if you make repairs.

  27. I’d suggest a good bow. Not too powerful, so that you can make arrows, A sling. A blow gun wouldn’t hurt anything. I would also take a Ontiaro knife. It’s a machete with a good sized saw blade down the back. And nobody mentioned a shovel, I have a Mil-type folding shovel. Thats enough for now, Happy apocalypse!

  28. Why a harmonica?

  29. I am really surprised that not one person has mentioned the need for a watch (preferably water resistant and solar,mechanically, or motion powered). You may think “hey where do I have to be on time? society has collapsed”. But the fact is you are not always going to be able to see the exact position of the sun (you shouldn’t stare at it anyway) or moon. Not to mention that solar/lunar motion does not allow for accurate measurement of smaller units of time.A watch is going to help you.
    1. figure out when the sun is going to set/rise.
    2. coordinate shifts (for guard duty, carrying loads, ect).
    3. measure long distances (figure out how long your step is and count the number of steps per minute to figure out rate of travel).
    4. navigation. longitude is measured in in hours/minutes/seconds. if you are planning on moving east of west for any distance this will be handy.
    5. Medical. measurement of heart rate. knowing when it is safe to take dosages of medicine.
    6. food prep. over cooking food drains nutrients. under cooked food can cause sickness. most scavenged packed food will let you know cook time.
    7. rationing. the human mind will say more time has passed than actually has. a watch will let you keep track of when to consume rations.
    8. measurement of fuel usage (this generator goes through a full tank every 12 hours and we have used four hours of fuel).
    The fact is the clock was invented for a reason and I am sure this is only a small fraction of uses that you can find for it. It also has the benefit of being small and nearly weight neutral.

  30. Well, I’m not big on a watch, I’m more into a wind up travel clock. They are still small. But I don’t want anything that needs power. A wind up pocket watch isn’t a bad idea either.
    I didn’t see a hack saw on the list. Am I the only one who sees this as a problem? And they didn’t have a file.

  31. A few more things:
    Mosquito Head net – camp preferably
    Snake bite kit
    Geiger counter or Nuke Alert
    A few 1 gallon ziplock bags ( keep survial book dry, store food )
    Stainless steel camp cookset
    Wool blanket ( stays warm even wet )

  32. zombolygest – you obviously did not read the list or other ppls inputs, and just want to spam ur site.

  33. Dude stock up on swiss army knives! they are indispensable. get about 3 with at LEAST 6 different capabilities on each one.

  34. heres a tip: people who carry guns get shot. But also, people who bring a knife to a gun fight get shot. if you arnt good with guns, and cant disable someone who is carrying a gun, your safer to hide. no one shoots like hollywood shows it, but we who have used guns our whole life have a huge edge over you who have not. even though i know shooting, and i know fighting, i would rely more on my intelligence and integrity to get me through. few people would actually kill, given the choice. work together, find the big three: food, water, shelter. united we stand.

  35. People who miss get shot. Intelligence requires options. And guns and gear give you options. If you don’t have either, Intelligence won’t get you very far. On the other hand you can’t eat integrity, you can’t ration it out to your kids. Integrity is a luxury.

  36. no you can’t eat integrity. you’re comparing apples and oranges. guns will only last as long as there is ammo, after that you need intelligence. integrity/intelligence will get you food, after the ammo runs out. you can eat food. also, when you run out of gear, your brain is what will get you through. you’re saying that you shouldnt worry about having a plan, just have a gun. that’s a recipe for disaster. intelligence is a virtue that will assist in all aspects, no guns required.

  37. You missunderstand me, I know guns will run out. Thats why I have a sling, slingshot, homemade bow.
    What I’m saying is guns give you options, and your not going very far without options. Yeah you need more than guns, that’s why I said guns and gear.
    I know what your saying about using intelligence to get food, but how’s integrity going to get you food? I’m not being a jerk, I really don’t understand.

  38. Its a lack of integrity that causes the chaos that everyone on this site is preparing for. You alone being a moral and ethical person will not reverse a broken society, but integrity inspires leadership and togetherness, something that draws people to work together rather then kill each other for their gear/food. People survive in groups. if you cant be trusted, you wont. lonesomeness in a barren world will kill you. You can more effectivly hunt in numbers. everything works better if you have followers. If you go it alone and try and steal food, or kill its rightfull owner, you will end up shot. i promise you that. Be a leader, or find a leader. Turning your back on integrity only works for so long.

  39. I’ve been thinking about this “bug out bag” or 72 hour bag. Some of the food items that should be stored in it. MRE’s are ideal, being that there not too heavy, need not be re-hydrated, and if you can stomach it, don’t need to be heated.But they can be a bit expensive.$6-$20 a piece. So I thought about small canned goods, like vienna sausages,potted meat (ugh),tuna,beanieweanie.All can be eaten cold. They make tuna in those MRE style packets now also.The small cans have those pull tops.Maybe some crackers in a can.Some sweets,like canned hard candies.Biggest concern though is weight.Does anyone have any more ideas for food items? Vegetables would be needed for a balanced diet. I have a 12 year old daughter that I take care of, alone.She’s my biggest concern when everything goes south.I’ve been preparing her verbally, but soon we’re gonna practice some survival,and pretend to be on the run for at least 3 or 4 days.Give her a taste of it.I think being a aware and prepared is very important, but practice is a must.

  40. Multitool. A good model has a small woodsaw, a stright and serrated blade, can/bottle opener, screwdrivers, scissors, wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers.
    Nice and compact, and very usefull. Granted, a cheep one will just be dead space, but a good one could save your ass
    I have a Gerber. Even comes with a little pouch i can loop into my belt

  41. What about your prescription meds that many people need more than food/water/shelter to survive? Duh. What about a really good medical kit? I guess that’s not important. Diarrhia from bad water will kill you in a couple of days from dehydration, for instance. Topo maps. Night vision epuipment. (it is dark about 70% of the time in winter, more in the north. What the h*ll was that? You won’t know in the dark without it.) Really good pacboots, not china/walmart types and really good mittens will be #2 and #3 respectively on my list right after water. Frostbite will kill you as you are now helpless and probably infected.

    Your list does not properly address the threats to your person in terms of what you will probably encounter in a marshal law situation. #1.exposure/frostbite #2.dehydration – canteens? Are you serious? soft sided potable water bags of a large size would be a necessity. A heat source from bio fuels (wood) that does not produce a smoke plume (gasification furnace) would be a REQUIREMENT, and is readily and cheaply available now. I have 4 of them. (You would also need it for boiling your drinking water when your tablets run out. You would never run out of wood, so you would never run out of potable water, and the lack of a smoke plume would keep your position concealed.) A gravity water filter (berkey big bertha w/ extra filters) would be my #4 most important item. #3) Evasion of militarized and unknown civilian elements. #4) infection. #5) predators. #6)starvation (slow kill). #7)Wife’s or GF’s PMS; which is bound to become nightmarish. I see the threat levels in that order for me, at least.

  42. I don’t think socks and shoes are stressed enough. From my military experience they are essential. Get as many good pairs of socks as you think you will ever need (5.11 and Thorlos served me well on 25+ mile ruck marches), and then double it. Boots are essential too, you need one pair that fit like gloves and that you have at least 300 miles in, and then a backup pair that are at least broken in. You are combat ineffective if your feet are jacked. “Don’t do anything stupid, and take care of your feet.”


  44. relying on “god” will get you killed

  45. Stakes for the tarp, 200 ft. of rope, a knife/machete

  46. do not forget the old 9-volt batter + Steel wool trick

  47. Another Item that might be necessary would be a Geiger counter.

  48. From what I have read there are a lot of flaws in many of your suggestions(not all). First forget about bringing anything that involves any sort of battery or power source to work. The one exception may be a small flashlight for signaling. Don’t bother lugging batteries around when there are other things necessary. Remember in a apocalypse situation your not going to be able to carry a whole lot. More then likely what will happened is that people will have to walk everywhere which means what you can carry on your back. Most normal people can carry a little more then 50% of your own body weight(this # changes with how physically fit you are). This means, unless you are thinking about pushing a slow and noisy attention grabbing grocery cart around, you will have to carry everything. First essentials: WATER/FOOD = HEAVY. You do not need food as much as water but both are essential. You can go three days without water and about 2 weeks without food. so you have to think to yourself what risk are you going to willing to take? option 1…..Carry heavy water and food around with you and don’t leave room for other survival materials or option 2…..bring the necessary equipment to clean water and find food and leave more room for other materials. either way everyday you don’t eat food or drink water you become weaker which means the less you can carry. Also on a side note a Gun is an essential survival resource. I would rather have one and not need it then need it and not have one. Your an idiot if you don’t think so, it would be nice to think that everyone will just get along and help each other out but thats not in our human nature. more then likely it will be our human nature which starts the apocalypse ball rolling. last but not least, be realistic about what you should bring. it would be nice to bring every gadget and gizmo but thats not going to happen. Agree or disagree? comments?

  49. read the book or see the movie “the road”. very good look at our human nature when the times get tough.

  50. Heres the thing, You need to carry water and food. Both of those are heavy, so you have to factor in that you can normally carry about 50% of your own body weight. more then likely you will be carrying your supplies in a backpack. after food and water there is not a whole lot of room for other supplies so be careful what you choose. Also be realistic, your not going to want to bring anything that requires a electrical source. Also I think you would be an idiot not to have a gun. its better to have it because as one of the other writes wrote it gives you options. also you factor in the weight of the ammo you have to carry. If you think you can push a noisy attention grabbing cart around to help you carry supplies, i’m guessing your going to be the first to go. I’m sorry, the world will not be a “lets all get along” kind of place. Its just not in our human nature. If my kids are starving and you have food and you wont share, I will take it from you sort of attitude will be rampant. Our human nature will probably be the thing to get the whole apocalypse ball rolling anyways. agree or disagree? comments?

  51. ok for a fire starter i would suggest fine steel wool and a 9 volt battery….oncwe rubbed together the battery heats up the steel wool enough to turn it red…all tyou have to do is blow on it and it should catch on fire…one good thing about this is that steel wool is cheap and the battery can be used many times…another thing you could use as something to keep the fire going is potatoe chipe…they burn fot a long time but seeing as though it would be hard to collect food i would not suggest this….

  52. Night vision equipment? really? When it hits the fan there will be no public utilities. that includes power. That kind of equipment takes batteries. So unles your house is set up to run off solar power you are going to be screwed. plus many of the batteries that run that type of equipment are prone to explode. that kind of equipment is also very expensive. not very cost effective. you would be better spending that money on something else.

  53. Haha @ the guy with capitals and God. Have fun with God when the world is in ruins and all your precious churches are burned. Some decent additions, perhaps more so than the list itself in the comments.

  54. worry about what to stock, after you have learned how to survive with nothing. survival is 99 percent in your head.your survival plan should not include anything electrical, or anything that has limited useage. If you can find a way to live off the land, anything else is just a bonus. i dont believe humanity is in any immediate danger, but planning for the worst can make everything else seem much easier. Also, dont be an idiot and assume everyone is an enemy. stocking guns for any purpose other then hunting is not smart. Even for hunting its not smart, you will become dependant on guns and will not know how to hunt for food when the ammo runs out. learn to make arrows, carry a bow, learn how to make traps, what vegetation is safe to eat, and how to treat injuries. with that knowledge you can survive almost anywhere, regardless of your lack of flashlights and steel wool.

  55. A military canteen cup that fits over a canteen or large empty can can be used to boil water or as a small soup pot.

  56. I think everyone’s right, there are many things left out. What is not observed is the pratice of minimalism. Make your own list and prioritize what you’ll need, depending on region. Weights a big factor no one seems to take into consideration. Good Luck!

  57. How about an axe or hatchet?

  58. Instead of a raincoat..How about a poncho..better protection against rain, both for body and pack; and hides whats underneath it.

  59. im not sure if you would need and axe if you already had a collapsable saw because although it can double up as a weapon, axe heads are heavy and require more excertion to cut wood than a saw, or at least thats what I find

  60. ponchos are good againt the rain but have you ever been out in a poncho? they flap about in the wind and you end up freezing. i can see that they are good at keeping your pack dry but you can just wrap that up in bin bags anyway so i think im goin to stick with my jacket

  61. I’ve been backpacking/hunting all my life so I feel like I’ve essentially lived this scenario, minus hostile humans and the lack of preparation should the end come tomorrow. Forget carrying water, too heavy. You need a pump or iodine. Tarps/tents are heavy but there’s no such thing as an extra tarp (you either need as many as you can get or none at all, obviously). You are going to want a gun. Anyways the list is too long, that amount of gear is over eighty pounds, it’s not necessary. Downsize. The people who survive are going to be those who really want to, it’s mental.

  62. Bow and Arrow and or a Blowgun would be a long lasting hunting tool. Save your bullets for people.

  63. What about alcohol? It works as a great disinfectant and it helps keep boredom away!

  64. How about a CAR???? You put GASOLINE on your list but if you don’t have a car – what good is gasoline to you then?? And since we’re on the subject – does anyone know of any post-apocalyptic vehicle manufacturing companies?

  65. The people who survive are going to be those who really want to, it’s mental.

    This is very true, one man survived alone on an island with just a knife.

  66. id have to recommend 2 firearms myself one for personal defense and one for hunting and to that id have to say a handgun and a 22 cal rifle which will work for small game and even larger game if you are a good shot or willing to track the injured animal the henry survival rifle is an excellent choice and 22 cal ammo is both super cheap and super light 12$ for 525 rds and a 9mm or 40 cal for the handgun for weight as well and cost effectiveness and its one of the more common rounds which makes it easier to scavenge and one thing everyone seems to have overlooked is WHERE TO GO i know most survival experts recommend waiting out the storm or bugging in but if you are prepared as i am and get out fast before most people are planning to your vehicle can take you where you need to go and is tool number one always keep the tank full keep a gas can even if empty you will be able to find fuel in more places than you expect and for me its simple >>> plan escape route stock up and as soon as you think you need to just go dont wait ill be going to a lightly populated forested area near a large fresh water space minimum 20 miles to civilization close enough to scavenge if needed and far enough to ensure you and your familys safety >>>> you have roughly 3 days before the bulk of an urban population turns hostile and thats a fact>>> so when you take into account you have 3 days and you can have a vehicle your list should get much longer rice water fuels penut butter tuna fish water and whatever tools you see necessary to last 2 months at that point you need to be able to rely on the land you choose to make home also get books on trapping and hunting and FIRST AID stock up on weapons and ammunition is more important than food once you get out of an urban area you can hunt with relative ease the list to stock at you house should be extremely long so you can pick and choose what to bring depending on your specific situation

  67. ammo two way radio


    crossbow or bow


  68. I don’t think I saw anyone mention toilet paper, that is something you will want. Also ducktape helps. And if you have a woman with you she will probably need tampons at some point in time. Aspirin is also nice. And hairbands if you have long hair, or have no way of cutting your hair for a long enough time to need one.

  69. No one’s mentioned the value of having a baby grand. Even a simple upright would be better than nothing.

  70. nice list. should add snare wire and 4 mil trash bags or plastic. a tube tent would be helpful as well as duct tape and paracord and some jute twine.

  71. […] if you see warning signs head home grab your stuff, your family and head to your safe location. Incoming search terms:apocalypse guides (1)Share […]

  72. what about a whistle for alerting others in danger?

  73. Anti-bioatics!!! and pain meds…strong ones…you’ll end up needing them at some point. First thing i’d do would be knock up a pharmacy. having all the essentials i’d grab some condoms….you never know! and the last thing you need is to get knocked up.

    Arrows…you cant always catch fish…squirrels, bunnies…your neighbors cat. Gun should be number 1 tho…in case people are trying to eat your face

  74. good list but you should put antibiotics and heavy painkillers you will need them

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