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Solar Powered Survival Gear

In Post-Apocalypse on January 4, 2010 at 2:01 pm

Anything that takes power to run is not a necessity. People have survived without power for 4000 years, so going without electricity after the apocalypse should not be a death-blow to your survival. However, even I’ll admit, it would be nice. (Continued..)

Until recently, I hadn’t really thought of electronic survival tools, but the emergence of solar power is changing the game. Portable solar panels are available that can run most any tool or appliance. Now most are flimsy and don’t pack much of a punch, but this portable solar charger from Solar Eclipse is pretty rugged.

Even with this new technology, I still wouldn’t rely on electronic tools. They are bulky, susceptible to moisture damage, and hard to repair. Furthermore, I would never want to rely on something like the sun for survival.

A lot of folks will spring for this gear, and the apocalypse may be a lot different than we imagine it. We may be walking through the woods and find a guy taking a shower from his solar panel gravity shower, and then climbing inside his solar powered heated tent to listen to the Black Eyed Peas on his solar-powered Ipod, while tweeting all about it.

Don’t worry buddy, your equipment and experience will take you further than a solar panel. Just wait for a cloudy day, he’ll be asking to sit by your fire and will ask if you can play ‘My Hump’ on your harmonica.

  1. Keep in mind that solar panels are limited in some significant fashions for long-term survival: they have an operational lifespan of around 20 years, and require significant amounts of energy and infrastructure to make (it’s estimated that they only produce around twice as much energy over the full useful lifespan as it takes to make them). After an apocalyptic event or series of events, solar panels will be very important for some people for a couple of decades, but after that they will be increasingly rare. Think of them as long-term, unrechargeable storage batteries, storing up energy from now, when there is an energy abundance, for the future, when there might not be quite so much available.

  2. I’m glad there are some wind-up radios and other gadgets out there, too. A hand crank generator can charge batteries, etc.

  3. I was just wondering why you said “People have survived without power for 4000 years”? Don´t you know that people have been here over 100000 years?

  4. yeah that was dumb of me, thanks Brontto

  5. Come a society-disrupting event (SDE) the best place to go to enjoy some modern creature comforts (including wind powered electricity) would be your local ecovillage.

    A well built ecovillage will not require much electricity, if any, and will be able to repair or replace everything on site. I am talking about a village that can even produce plastic on site. This is not as hard as you might think. Go to and search bio-plastic. One can also make NASA grade aerogel (a semi-see through insulator that can be used to make walls of glass) from rice silica.

    These are major industrial operations and a well prepared ecovillage will have all of these. In fact, I am planning an ecovillage that will have all of these features and more! We are still at the planning / gathering members stage, but we will be built with in 10 years.

    If the SDE hits before then, I am not worried, with this site and other information sources I am compiling a guide on how to build a city out of nothing after the SDE.

  6. um just a little heads up to you guys what about EMP’s Electro magnetic pulses after a nuke fest you can say goodbye to all these electronics for good

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