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Fallout 3 is good for you!

In Post-Apocalypse on November 18, 2009 at 3:52 pm

A ton of people have written me about Fallout 3, which is a post-apocalyptic-mutant-shoot’em-up-role-playing-survival game. The premise is the world has been nuked to all hell and people have survived by living in vaults. Your character was born in the vault and soon enough you leave and discover an apocalyptic wasteland full of crazy humans, mutants, guns and junk. “Sounds interesting.” I’d say, “but I’m no gamer, I know I’d just get addicted to something like that.”  Well last week I tried it out and nobody has seen me for three days.

I’m not going to review this game, and I’m certainly not going to suggest that this game will prepare you for the apocalypse. Nothing could prepare you for that, but overall the game does a good job of showing just what a wasteland the earth could become. It’s full of trash, abandoned buildings, slave traders and sickos. It’s also good because even though it’s a violent game, but more time in the game is spent sifting through old soup cans for food  than shooting anyone.

 It also brings up the issue of what you will do to survive. Will you eat radioactive easy-mac? Will you kill for supplies? Will you drink from a toilet? Will you drink the blood of a mole-rat, or better yet another human? These are everyday options in the game, and will be after the apocalypse. 

So before I get any more of you nerds excited by talking about role-playing games, I’m going to end this by saying, HOW THE HELL DO I GET PAST THE SLAVERS!

  1. Very carefully… seriously though, just level up some more and they’ll be no problem. It is definitely a great game and I’m looking forward to picking up the GotY edition in the near future. Would love to bump past the 20 lvl cap even though at lvl 20 it’s already a cake walk.

  2. Like Gil said, just level up doing quests and stuff.

  3. If you can’t beat ’em…. Just ask if you can collect slaves for them and earn yourself a tidy sum!…. Its not like the law is gonna bring you down or anything… Well, ok maybe the Lawbringers will, but screw em!

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