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Ear to the Ground: the h1n1 pandemic

In News on August 28, 2009 at 12:25 pm

First some slightly dated news. It looks like a drug resistant strain of h1n1 has shown up (that’s bad), however this the guy who got it fully recovered, which demonstrates the evidence that this virus probably will not be that deadly (that’s good). However the last I heard is that we will not really know just how bad it is until the fall (when flu season hits again).

Second, something a little lighter, the following is an audio clip I heard a while ago on NPR. It is a short bit of audio from an announce by Dr. Margaret Chan, the head of the WHO.

I did not do anything to modify the sound clip, her voice sounded that creepy on the radio, it really made me wonder if they didn’t set it up like that for maximum effect.

Anyway, if you are reading this blog, odds are you are well informed enough to know this is old news.

I’m pointing it out because of how funny/creepy this audio clip sounds. It sounds like it could be right out of 12 Monkeys or 28 Days Later. I’m not sure it really “means” anything yet, just think of this post as a sort of “audio clip” that might carry more significance in the future.

  1. I hear that they’re going to inoculate kids at schools, similar to the great Polio vaccinations. Probably going to slip a little commie-mind control drug into it too. Socialism here we come.
    — The Future King of Upper Michigan

    PS… I’m really glad you finally updated the blog. I know your internet is touchy at best deep inside the bunker.

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