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Ear to the Ground: Pig Flu

In Pre-Apocalypse on April 27, 2009 at 8:47 am

Bird flu, SARS, killer bees, anthrax, Y2K and now Pig Flu. We just don’t know what to be afraid of anymore!  Better watch the news (and all the intermittent ads) to be sure you’re safe.

I really believe this swine mania will pass with a week, but there is a chance it could get ugly. So far, those with proper medical attention and healthy immune systems have recovered. However, when a virus is able to jump from an animal to a person and then from person to person  it can mutate, making it harder to treat or fight off. 

So, let this serve as a warning if you’re not currently ready for a pandemic. At the very least, stock pile some medication and canned goods. (Fruits, veggies and carbohydrates) Also fill up at least 10 gallon jugs of water and put them in your basement. 

Remember, don’t be afraid, be prepared.

  1. While this comment may be something along the lines of pearls before swine, I suggest that you not only be prepared, but that you also take effective measures in order to not contract this possibly harmful virus. That’s right… stock up on AIRBORNE and a solid MULTI-VITAMIN (no Flinstones). Also plastic sheeting and duct tape for windows.

    — The Future King of Upper Michigan

  2. Here are what appear to be Swine Flu PSAs (propaganda) from the 1970s:

  3. Isn’t that the pig from Milo and Otis?

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