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Get a Good Pair of Mittens

In Post-Apocalypse on January 9, 2009 at 12:58 pm

Just to clear something up, it’s going to be as cold as a witches tit during this apocalypse. In many scenarios the sun will be blotted out by dust or pollution and only those that are able to withstand the long extreme cold will survive. Don’t think that you can just head to Miami either, everyone is going to be heading there, and not just Cubans and Grandmas anymore. You’re going to need to avoid people for a while so be prepared to endure some tougher climates. Getting a good pair of mittens should be number one. (Continued)

Feel free to pack a pair of gloves if you like. I wear thick wool gloves most days because I need to use my hands often. Gloves are worthless though below 10 degrees and it’s certainly going to be much colder than that. Mittens are always going to keep your hands warmer and I’d sacrifice a bit a dexterity to keep my fingers from turning black and falling off. 

I highly recommend these Army issue mittens for extreme cold. Aside from being the warmest mittens I’ve ever owned, they are tough and you shouldn’t need to own more than one pair.  Also there is a sinchable canvas sleeve that protects you from snow and the “bear” hide covering is a great Kleenex. 

You can find these on Ebay or in any Army surplus store. I got mine for 10 bucks.

  1. Dat looks like a good pair o’ choppers.

    But I’d also recommend something along the lines of:

    –Future King of Upper Michigan

  2. Pretty sure I’m going to pick some of those bad bitches up today. I’m fairly certain we live in apocalypse weather already, so I might as well be ready today right?

  3. May I also suggest the “extreme cold weather mask”. You can stay warm, and it’s a great fill in for a ghost costume at party’s.

  4. Hey, What about Global Warming?

    And all those carbon taxes?

    What an insane world.

  5. global warming wouldn’t reverse the blocking of the SUN. CO2 reflects the sun rays reflecting off the eart (like the i’m rubber your glue thing) so the rays go down, our planet reflects a percentage of said sun rays. the co2 makes it so the rays can’t leave the atmosphere. that won’t mean jack in the case of sun blockage. I DO believe in global warming, but it isn’t possible for it to stop the effects of a blocked out sun. in other words it’s like weraing a wind breaker in a blizzard, it will only keep you so warm, and for very little amount of time.

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