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Know Your Impact Zones

In Post-Apocalypse on December 31, 2008 at 9:00 am

The Apocalypse can come about from an economic meltdown or from a social upheaval, but most predict it will be the result of the impact of an asteroid or a nuclear weapon.  To be prepared for these doomsday flying objects it would be helpful for you knuckleheads to understand blast zones for your place of residence. Follow this link and locate your city. Then pick the type of devastating object you want dropped on your town. You’ll see if moving to those sterile second ring suburbs will save you or not.

  1. My money is on the true size of the derivatives on the OTC market
    causing a massive financial crash. If you get a chance google this
    “marketwatch derivatives” click the link mentioning the new
    ticking time bomb.

    Derivatives used to hide bad debt, and for corporations to make
    their numbers look better are being hidden on the OTC market
    which is unregulated by the SEC.

    This number has cross 500 Trillion, yes trillion with a T.

    Some say it may have gone well past 700 Trillion.

    The Made-off scandal is just the smoke before the fire sale.

  2. […] your frustration and despair out by nuking nearby cities. At least until the Minister for Broadband allows ASIO to monitor your web access and arrests you […]

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