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Ear to the Ground: Gaza

In Post-Apocalypse on December 28, 2008 at 10:05 pm

No need to head out the door yet, but keep an ear to the ground on the troubles in Gaza. If there is going to be a World War III within the next 5 years it’s going to start in Israel. This could be the beginning of a much more serious world conflict, which in turn could become a devastating holy war. I’m not giving a red alert here, it’s more like a Scooby Doo “raugh row” alert. 

Read more here.

  1. Yeah russia has been getting ready for the end for a few decades now, they even built a underground bunker city meant to take 6 direct target on target hits that will house 60,000+ ppl.

    It is called Yamantau, look it up on google, and check out the
    global security link and the wikipedia link.

    Also on global security chk paragraph #5 on the KH-102.

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