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Escape from Brisbane, Australia

In Post-Apocalypse on November 17, 2008 at 1:09 pm


Hey, Sean Murphy here,

I may be a little out of your geographical area of expertise, but I was wondering what suggestions you have for more. I live in the city of Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia. I’m in the suburbs on the northern side of the city. The city itself is one of the most spread out around so it extends quite a way in each direction and there are quite a few small towns nearby. Transport wise, my family has two cars and 5 members. Hope that’s enough, let me know, cheers.

Good news Sean, everything is going to be OK. Australia is one of the better spots to avoid any major cataclysm. Aside from the rising tides from global warming, your main fear should be tsunamis. In your Apocalypse survival gear I’d include 5 life-jackets just in case. Don’t let your kids talk you into ‘floaties.’ Otherwise, it doesn’t appear that you’ll need to worry about a nuclear fallout or a nasty pandemic. Your island and location protects you from a lot of the worst the world can throw at you…

Don’t breath too easy yet. China and South East Asia will be the worst places to be during the Apocalypse. When it hits, those overcrowded polluted cities will vomit their multitudes right on to your outback. Think of the swarms of Indians, Chinese and Myanmarians that will be paddling to your shores. It’s going to be mayhem up on the North Coast. Now if you are a noble sort you could head to the coast and sink their small crafts with whatever armament you have. You’d be an Australian folk hero, but this is called SURVIVE the Apocalypse so let someone else be the savior of Australia. You got a family to save! 

Stay away from the Northern coast and head south. You know better than I about what roads are good for heading out of town. Just remember to not follow the panicking heard. Leave one of those cars behind, you’ll want to stick together. If you need a full tank of gas siphon from one car to the other before leaving also grab the other spare tire from the car you leave behind.

Once out of the city, get onto hwy 97 South and exit on Zara Rd. Take that through the mountains and then a left on Limpinwood Rd. You are going to take this road to a town called Tyalgum. This looks like a nice small farming community which should provide you and your family with plenty of food and space to build your post-apocalyptic shelter. Most importantly, Tyalgum is set perfectly in a cove of mountains which can only be entered by two small roads. Your strategy is similar to the board game Risk. The key to the game is to get a protected backside and then load up your armies on the front side. You Aussies should know this since your continent is perfect for this strategy on the game board. Tyalgum is perfect as well. Make friends with the locals and set up checkpoints and defenses in the two mountain passes leading into your new home town. Then watch out for the crazies.

Hope that helps…

See you in the Apocalypse,


  1. Survive the Apocalypse,
    You didn’t mention anything about the 12 year water shortage that is happening in Aussie… Is there further advice for Murphy regarding this important survival factor? Also, you can’t win risk by squatting in Tyalgum for the entire game, as you only collect two points per turn… you’d eventually have to move out.

  2. I strongly disgree with the area shown there.That large semi-circle of mountain behind Tyalgum is where you would want to be as it is a defensive wall against anything coming from the coast. And from there other survivor groups can be reached where-as at Tyalgum you would be cut off unless you can scale those cliff faces. Go for a day drive to the area and see for yourself.

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