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Make Your Own Biodiesel

In Post-Apocalypse on October 28, 2008 at 9:28 am

To survive the apocalypse you may find your self trekking across the wasted world, looking for safety, possibly held up on a farm trying rebuild some semblance of society. In many circumstances you will want to make the best use of whatever combustion engines you can find. They’ll be plenty of rusted out cars out there, but no gas. Get a leg up on those freakazoid cannibals by filling up your Mad Max machine with biodiesel.

You maybe able to scavenge traditional gas or diesel. However, it would probably be prudent to have a working knowledge of making your own biodiesel. “Biodiesel!” You say, “Isn’t that just for hippies?” Yes, but if they are the only ones who know how to make it, then the post-apocalyptic world will be run by hippies. That’s scarier than freakazoid cannibals. Think of Mad Max in a VW bus… (continued)

Here is an introduction made by Make Magazine (a fine publication) that will show you the basics. You’ll have to open this article fully to see it.

  1. I’m making my own bio-diesel Molotov cocktails to keep Mad Max warrior and hippies away!
    Thanks Survivor — your blog is always a pleasure to read.
    The Future King of Upper Michigan

  2. Hmm, the funny thing is, most of these products would be ignored on the raided shelves of stores after the appocalypse (except by those who know how to make biodiesel.

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