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Letter: Scared in St. Paul

In Letters on September 30, 2008 at 8:39 am

Dear “Survive the Apocalypse”,

I live in St. Paul and don’t own a gun.  Assuming there would be no Wal-Marts around if the world ended tomorrow, how do you capture food in the early stages of a post-apocalyptic world?  Is this what the dog is for?

Thanks, I have a feeling you’re going to save my life.

-Scared in St. Paul

Consider your life saved “Scared.” I know it’s going to be hard out there with-out Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and other staple foods, but there are actually some foods that nature can provide and they are surprisingly tasty. You may think that food grows from the inside of cellophane and plastic, but actually it grows from the ground. Yeah that’s right. Dirt!

You should start now and create a small practice garden. Learn which plants grow well where you’re at, and which ones provide the most nutrients. For example, Chives may grow like grass, but you’d get some nasty poops before you’d ever be full. Start with food that grows below the surface like potatoes and carrots. The air may be somewhat poisonous so the less exposure your food has the better. Now, the sun may not shine for a while in this world creating a tough environment to grow plants. In that case you may have to scavenge canned goods. Head to the abandoned Wal-Mart and hope no body has ransacked the snack aisle. If not, you’ll have all the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos you can eat. See the apocalypse is not that bad!

See You at the Apocalypse

– Nick

  1. What about pine needles and cones? I hear you can do some crazy stuff with that? And how do you recommend storage for any pilfered food stuffs: cave, bomb-shelter, or only what you can carry?

  2. growing food is fine if you have the time and the resources to seed and cultivating the land while also build an irrigation system, that will water your plants as your out hunting and scavenging for food, remembering that while your trying to grow your first crop you will be starving, its recommended that you have at least three months food, non-perishable items to fall back on while your awaiting that first much looked forward to crop. It takes about one acre of land with soil that is good for planting to sustain one human barring drought, hail, and early or late frosts and if the radiation from nuclear fallout has not poisoned your soil. Practice makes perfect like is suggested in the above article, and as long as the apocalypse coincides with the growing season you should have enough to sustain you, remembering to dehydrate,can,smoke,salt and whatever for the winter unless you have working refrigerator, you will still need proteins and fats though. the more people the more land needed for growing, and the larger the problems in time of food shortage, you can shrink you need for growing by substituting it with scavenging until you pick the area dry, its important not to pick the entire plant or take all the seeds, you want it to come back in the years to come. As to storage. it all depends on the choice of your life style, if your on the move (walking, and believe me you will be) then your not caring 800 pounds of canned goods, or your traveling short distances from your stash bomb shelter or cave would do great, as long as your sure of its security you don’t want to come back from a long trek to find a bunch of born again un-cannibals (or a bear) munching away on your foodstuffs. or you could surpase the hole problem for the first while by obtaining a large refrigerated truck, untill you run out of gas, get jacked, or brake down completely, happy hunting.

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