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Get a Dog

In Post-Apocalypse on September 29, 2008 at 11:52 am

A requirement of survival in the post-apocalyptic world is finding a loyal pup to trot along the wasteland with you. It’s going to be tough out there and you’re going to need someone to talk to. Dogs are the best option because they don’t talk back and eat less than a human companion would. Also, if you’ve watched any movies about the end of the world you know that post-apocalyptic dogs are very well trained. They have to be. The dogs you’ll find in this new world are conditioned for the hardships and know what it takes to survive. They’ll be loyal to you because of the happiness you give them, and will also be well trained due to the fact that they’ve survived thus far. Think about dogs that incessantly bark, eat plaster, jump up on people or eat so many sticks their poop looks like haystacks. Do you think those kinds of dogs will survive? No way, and thus I doubt I’ll be seeing my dog afterwards…

There won’t be a bad dog left in this world. Humans and canines will almost co-exist and rely on each other again as they did thousands of years ago. If you’re curious about this and\or the domestication of the dog, check out this video from PBS explaining it.

  1. While preparing for disaster is a responsible action, lusting over catastrophe is a selfish response to the problems we face. What happened to taking responsibility for our future? Assuming the apocalypse is a result of manmade destruction and not a 2012 earth meltdown, there is still time to right the wrongs that lead up to the End. Why not be an advocate for a more peaceful world, instead of throwing in the towel and purchasing powerbars and tasers. Its not over for some of us.

    So to reiterate, better to fight against this pending apocalypse than bend over and take it. What would Frodo do?

    -Courageous in Como

  2. Then you will someday die a hungry and thirsty peace advocate. Who’s door are you going to go knocking on if it’s not THE END?

    Throwing in the towel means giving up. Preparedness is far from giving up. Yes, it could be seen as somewhat selfish in that most people can only afford to store tangibles for themselves or their immediate family. But I know many people who make preparations with charity in mind (I know I do). But I hardly think that you can call it bending over and taking it.

    Now I don’t disregard anyone working for peace – I did it for 12 years – however, I know that mankind has never enjoyed peace and never will because of one thing – free will. Opinions between people, races, countries, will always differ and mankind will always suffer because of those thoughts and opinions. Nothing, except THE END, will change that.

    Being prepared, whether in your basement hiding from a tornado, or in a bunker with 3 years worth of food, water, and ammo, gives the ordinary person at least smidgen of survival hope should something happen that actually did not cause the universe to collapse in on itself. On the other hand, should it be THE END, I personally would actually rather die prepared with a stash of tangibles than die hungry and/or thirsty with nothing. I will go down fighting, with a purpose, and at least show that I tried.

  3. “Manmade” or not, if something bad happens I’d rather be prepared for it. There’s only so much one individual can do to reverse the damage inflicted by six billion humans on the environment.

  4. the guy talking about how he dosen’t think wolves were tamed, in my opinion, is nonsense. He was saying how they thought hey, this is great! about the garbage, wouldn’t the same be true about having them as pets? They would be fed nice pieces of meat, not just scraps they scavenge. That’s why i think if an alien civilization comes and takes over earth and wants me as a pet, shoot, i’ll do it! Free food, not a care in the world, sounds like easy living!

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