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Stay Solo

In Post-Apocalypse on September 25, 2008 at 2:38 pm

If you meet a stranger looking for a buddy, don’t invite him along. People in the afterworld can get quite annoying if they haven’t spoken to anyone for a while. Sure it may be fun at first chatting about old TV shows you used to watch or your favorite cereal, but you’ll find it won’t stop. The guy won’t go away and then he’ll start asking for some of your food. It’ll then be nearly impossible to ditch him. You won’t have an excuse, “Oh you know, I can’t stay, I got to go and…” What? He knows you got nothing on your agenda…

Riding out on your own gives you flexibility if you need to evade the weather, drought, bandits or cannibals. You’ll also be able to move faster and quieter. You’ll be eating for one so no need to carry a lot of rations and if you mess up somehow, you’ll have no one to blame but your damn-self.

If you’re already married and got kids go ahead and keep em around. (Especially if you don’t have a dog) Your family will be a big boost to moral and you can all work as a team to survive. Remember in the movie Jerimiah Johnson when he sets out to be a lone mountain man, but gets wrapped up in taking care of that woman and child? Well he’s bummed at first, but soon realizes he enjoys their company and builds a cabin to settle in. Also the kid learns to sew animal skins and trap for pelts. Also, it may go with out saying, but a woman can ease a craving  you may have after society falls… hunger! In the movie the woman is a terrible cook, but it’s better than nothing and gives Jeremiah time to go out an get to trappin’.

  1. Almost all the professional survival teachers say that the best chance at making it long term is to have a small group of well trained and determined ppl. They recommend a small to medium group of ppl that all trust each other with their lives. Solo survival runs into problems in times of illness or injury.

  2. The thing about Jeremiah Johnson and that woman and child is that as soon as he gets attached to them, they’re killed, and then he’s all vengeful. I say better to stick with the go-it-alone philosophy to avoid adding heartache to the already difficult circumstances you’re in.

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